Engineering at Axis

Read about the magic and people behind our technology.

The 20% project initiative


The 20% Project initiative

Let Fredrik and Jonas illustrate how features from the 20% Project can deliver real value,
Frida Jacobsson sharing our journey of open-sourcing the Backstage plugin.


Sharing our Backstage Plugins Journey: Lessons learned from open sourcing 

Read about why the Axis Backstage team decided to start our open source journey (and why we almost didn’t).
Little girl turning on a Light


Challenges of an Electronics Engineer

Get a quick overview of some areas where Electronics Engineer often face problems.
Why you should make good documentation a habit


The unsung hero of productivity: Why you should make good documentation a habit

Documentation is an important but often overlooked part of the software development process. In this blog post I explain why you should make documentation a habit.
axis and linux devices


Small, Friendly Linux Devices

Axis devices are small, friendly Linux® devices. At Axis, we know this of course, but outside our company walls, it seems not to be common knowledge.
David Svensson Fors


Axis attends the 2023 GStreamer Conference in A Coruña

In late September 2023, a group of Axis engineers from the Axis OS Development Department set off to A Coruña, Spain to attend the GStreamer conference at Palexco.
green plastic


Is green plastic making the products inferior?

Is the move towards greener plastics making the products inferior compared to using conventional plastics, or could the opposite be true?
schema changes in clickhouse


Unleashing data agility: A practical approach to schema changes in ClickHouse

It is difficult to account for unknown factors when constructing your data schema. In some cases, you need to be able to change it later and retroactively apply it to historic data.
Influential Leadership


The Art of Influential Leadership in Software Engineering

Read about the importance of influential leadership in steering autonomous teams toward a shared vision, fostering an environment of collaboration, consensus, and mutual respect.
Author: Konstantin Lanzet License: CC BY-SA 3.0 DEED


From crashdump to clarity: A kernel debugging adventure

When making mistakes in operating system kernel code there is often no recovery apart from a full system reboot. Unlike when userspace processes crash there is nobody to pick up the pieces after a kernel crash so a full system reboot is the only option.