Engineering at Axis

Read about the magic and people behind our technology.


No, you don’t need Docker to run containers

In this blog post Joakim Roubert explains what is needed to run containers.


Why Axis keeps me engaged after eleven years

Learn why I still find myself at Axis after eleven years and the reason why I tell recruiters I have no intention to find another employer.
docker multi-stage builds


Harness the power of Docker multi-stage builds

Learn how you can achieve smaller production images and shorter build times in your CI/CD pipeline.
soft aspect of code review


The ‘soft’ aspects of code review: A more human approach

I share my insights as a software engineer on the softer aspects of code reviews and how being aware of these aspects can lead to a happier and more effective team.
Software developer


5 tips for your first job in software development

In this blog post, I will share why it’s important to let concepts go and show others your good-enough code and give you my 5 tips for your first job in software development.
Whiteboard with Eiffel event scribbles


Tracking your software relationships with Eiffel

Read about how the Eiffel protocol can help out. with your complex continuous integration (CI) pipeline that you'd like to capture information from.