Company Culture

The 20% project initiative


The 20% Project initiative

Let Fredrik and Jonas illustrate how features from the 20% Project can deliver real value,
Little girl turning on a Light


Challenges of an Electronics Engineer

Get a quick overview of some areas where Electronics Engineer often face problems.
Why you should make good documentation a habit


The unsung hero of productivity: Why you should make good documentation a habit

Documentation is an important but often overlooked part of the software development process. In this blog post I explain why you should make documentation a habit.
Influential Leadership


The Art of Influential Leadership in Software Engineering

Read about the importance of influential leadership in steering autonomous teams toward a shared vision, fostering an environment of collaboration, consensus, and mutual respect.


Innovation at Axis: An engineer’s perspective

Read about Shubhabrata's experiences of working with innovation in a personal capacity as well as his insights towards organizing events to foster innovation.


Why Axis keeps me engaged after eleven years

Learn why I still find myself at Axis after eleven years and the reason why I tell recruiters I have no intention to find another employer.
soft aspect of code review


The ‘soft’ aspects of code review: A more human approach

I share my insights as a software engineer on the softer aspects of code reviews and how being aware of these aspects can lead to a happier and more effective team.
Software developer


5 tips for your first job in software development

In this blog post, I will share why it’s important to let concepts go and show others your good-enough code and give you my 5 tips for your first job in software development.