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Shubhabrata Sen

Experienced Software Engineer

I like to find out new and exciting ways to use our Axis devices with existing open-source technologies. These can range from containers to orchestration, or even machine learning tool kits. More often than not, there is no clear path to do so but that is where the challenge lies. I am also interested in exploring how to use existing cloud platforms with our devices in a hybrid fashion.

When I’m not working, I enjoy swimming and playing badminton. I also love to experiment with baking, enjoy a good book on a rainy day and engage in friendly (but competitive) Scrabble matches with my wife.

Why you should make good documentation a habit


The unsung hero of productivity: Why you should make good documentation a habit

Documentation is an important but often overlooked part of the software development process. In this blog post I explain why you should make documentation a habit.


Innovation at Axis: An engineer’s perspective

Read about Shubhabrata's experiences of working with innovation in a personal capacity as well as his insights towards organizing events to foster innovation.