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Joakim Roubert

Senior Engineer

I specialize in connecting our user-friendly Linux devices with various systems, which often only requires very thin layers of additional software (such as—but not limited to—AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) applications). Containers and clusters are also part of my expertise and my toolkit for different tasks.

Beyond work, I enjoy staying active with sports. I also have a keen interest in reading, and play the guitar not too skillfully (but enthusiastically).

axis and linux devices


Small, Friendly Linux Devices

Axis devices are small, friendly Linux® devices. At Axis, we know this of course, but outside our company walls, it seems not to be common knowledge.


No, you don’t need Docker to run containers

In this blog post Joakim Roubert explains what is needed to run containers.


Why Axis keeps me engaged after eleven years

Learn why I still find myself at Axis after eleven years and the reason why I tell recruiters I have no intention to find another employer.